First Dental Visit

Consultation and Dental Exam

First visits are generally one hour in length. Dr. Kravitz will start with a short interview to better understand your dental history and any concerns you may have about your teeth. His assistant will then take any radio-graphs needed and Dr. Kravitz will do a comprehensive oral exam consisting of charting existing restorations and restorations needed and a periodontal charting, which measures the gum tissue surrounding your teeth. He will also evaluate your jaw joint and function as well as perform an oral cancer exam. He may use an intraoral camera during this examination to better educate you as to the condition of your teeth. At the completion of the exam Dr. Kravitz will go over all his findings and any recommended treatment with you. The cost for this visit can range from $100 to $250 depending on the radio-graphs needed. We understand that this is different from most dental offices where you receive a dental cleaning as well. In most cases we feel that this is one of the most valuable visits we offer.

Oral Hygiene

There are times when under certain circumstances you will see the hygienist first. In this instance your first visit with us will be approximately one hour and twenty minutes in length. One of our assistants will take any needed radio-graphs; you will then be seen by one of our hygienists for your dental prophylaxis and periodontal charting. Your hygienist will then go over home care, brushing technique, flossing and the use of special oral hygiene aids. Dr. Kravitz will do a comprehensive oral exam consisting of evaluating your jaw joint and functions as well as an oral cancer examination. Any decay or restorations that need attention will be discussed at this time as well.